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People everywhere need sustainable access to cooling, comfort, and healthy food. That’s what drives us. So, we push what’s possible, helping people live better today as we build a more livable tomorrow.

Innovating for Impact: 19th Asian Games

Trane TechnologiesMay 03, 2024

Trane® provides sustainable and efficient indoor climate solutions for the venues of the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China.

Innovating for Impact: Thermo King® and RTR

Trane TechnologiesApril 30, 2024

Thermo King EMEA delivers on its pledge to provide customers like RTR Holland fully electric, zero direct emission refrigeration solutions for every segment of the cold chain.

Innovating for Impact: Thermo King® hybrid-electric multi-temp trailer debuts in Chicago

Trane TechnologiesApril 26, 2024

Thermo King’s hybrid-electric multi-temperature refrigerated trailer makes its debut in Chicago, the culmination of a multi-year collaboration with Martin Brower.
Innovating for Impact: New HVAC a beautiful thing in the home of interior design celebrity Leanne Ford

Trane TechnologiesApril 17, 2024

When designer Leanne Ford set out to modernize her historic Pittsburgh home, she looked to Trane® for a solution that increased efficiency, sustainability and indoor air quality.

Photo by Amy Neunsinger; Styled by Hilary Robertson

Leading by Example: Growing Through Resilience at Thermo King® in South Carolina

Trane TechnologiesApril 10, 2024

At Thermo King Greenville, preparation and collaboration allowed for an accelerated timeline in the buildout of a new site ready for the future of electrification.

Innovating for Impact: A Sustainable Water Upgrade at an Abu Dhabi Hospital

Trane TechnologiesMarch 26, 2024

An Abu Dhabi hospital gets an advanced heat pump-driven sanitary water system.

Innovating for Impact: Creating Conditions for Growth with Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Trane TechnologiesMarch 15, 2024

Pure Harvest and Trane join to install the first sustainable, electrified cooling and heating plant in the UAE inside a desert greenhouse.

Sustainability in Action: Monterrey facility is leading by example in energy and waste management

Trane TechnologiesOctober 25, 2023

Our team at Trane Monterrey is taking bold action to lead the way in responsible operations, installing photovoltaic panels and a biological wastewater treatment plant to reduce absolute energy consumption and achieve net positive water consumption for production across three plants. 

Sustainability in Action: An Electrified Future at 55 Water Street

Trane TechnologiesSeptember 14, 2023

How high-efficiency chillers, thermal energy storage and building automation are accelerating the decarbonization of one of the largest office buildings in New York City.

Navigating Disruption: Leading the transition to a decarbonized cold chain

September 11, 2023

Decarbonization is a term being used more and more around the world. For Thermo King, it has become a strategic part of our innovation journey and a way to advance our industry toward more sustainable outcomes.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Role of Life Sciences in a Changing World

Holly PaeperAugust 18, 2023

The assurance of precise temperatures is vital to the development and delivery of life-saving treatments. Climate technology plays a key role.
Accelerating Decarbonization through Innovations in Refrigerated Transport

Dwayne CowanApril 24, 2023

How innovations in refrigerated cold chain transport can accelerate the decarbonization of our roads and cities

Sustainability in Action: A Homeowner in Tennessee Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Trane TechnologiesApril 04, 2023

How a Memphis homeowner increased efficiency and reduced energy costs by installing variable speed heat pumps and upgraded smart thermostats.

Sustainability in Action: Derby College

Trane TechnologiesMarch 28, 2023

How an award-winning project at Derby College’s Broomfield Hall campus replaced fossil-fueled boilers with a thermal system of air- and water-source cascading heat pumps, reducing both energy expenses and carbon emissions.

Sustainability in Action: Powhatan County Public Schools

Trane TechnologiesMarch 22, 2023

How Powhatan County (Virginia) Public Schools’ district-wide upgrades increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, lowered energy costs, and enhanced the learning environment for the district’s 4,500 students.

Sustainability in Action: Fife Creamery

Trane TechnologiesMarch 13, 2023

How Fife Creamery (Scotland) improved the efficiency and sustainability of its operations with 30 new vehicles featuring engineless, compressor-driven refrigeration systems and two additional inverter-powered systems for drawbar trailers. 

Sustainability in Action: Neiman Marcus Group's Bergdorf Goodman Building in New York City

Trane TechnologiesMarch 09, 2023

The installation of electric chillers at its flagship Bergdorf Goodman Women's Store put Neiman Marcus on the path toward net-zero, eliminating natural gas usage, increasing efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions. 

Sustainability in Action: Trane’s Charmes, France facility transitions away from fossil fuels with innovative heat pump technology

Jose La LoggiaJanuary 30, 2023

Installation of new electrified Thermal Management System provides all-electric heating to the facility and is expected to reduce 1,800 metric tons of carbon emissions.

How Innovating for Sustainable Food Systems has the Power to Deliver Social Impact

Trane TechnologiesNovember 10, 2022

We believe innovation for everyone, by everyone, can turn ideas into a chance at a better future. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Indoor Air Pollution: How Lessons from the Past Can Help Us Today

Trane TechnologiesOctober 10, 2022

A look back on IAQ strategies and how innovative new technologies—plus an integrated, data-driven approach—can help us tackle IAQ issues in the most energy-efficient way.

Sustainability in Action: Leveraging Energy from the Sun to Reduce Carbon Emissions for ECS

Trane TechnologiesAugust 22, 2022

European Container Services turns to Trane Technologies’ Thermo King business for solar panels that help reduce their CO2 footprint.

Sustainability in Action: State of New Mexico Government Buildings

Trane TechnologiesJuly 07, 2022

How a holistic approach to modernizing buildings helped New Mexico decarbonize aging buildings and reduce energy costs.

Sustainability in Action: A Homeowner on a Mission to Reduce His Carbon Footprint

Trane TechnologiesApril 12, 2022

Jesse M. turned to Trane for a new HVAC system that would reduce his impact on the environment and lower his home’s energy costs.

Sustainability in Action: Mater Dei Hospital in Malta

Trane TechnologiesMarch 28, 2022

How electrification of heating helped the Mater Dei Hospital achieve significant energy efficiency, indoor air quality improvements and a lower carbon footprint.

Sustainability in Action: The Aalsmeer Energy Hub

Trane TechnologiesMarch 15, 2022

Achieving fossil-free electricity use by 2040 is no small undertaking. One Dutch city is taking a unique, groundbreaking approach.

Building Resiliency in Vaccine Development and Distribution

Trane TechnologiesFebruary 16, 2022

Vaccine manufacturers are relying on flexible and efficient ultra-low temperature processing and storage solutions to match the demand for vaccine production.

Getting to Zero Through Transformative Innovation

Donny SimmonsDecember 06, 2021

Bold decarbonization commitments will bend the curve on climate change, and the technology exists today to challenge what’s possible.

Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain from Start to Finish

Trane TechnologiesAugust 17, 2021

When the health of people everywhere is at stake, reliable and adaptable cold chain technology is central to success.
Three Ways Technology is Helping Public Transportation Become More Sustainable

Trane TechnologiesAugust 09, 2021

It’s possible to increase the comfort and confidence of riders while also progressing the environmental health and wellbeing of cities.

This article originally published in Forbes Tech Council.

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A Shared Movement for the Future of Healthy Spaces

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A Holistic Approach to Indoor Air Quality

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