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People everywhere need sustainable access to cooling, comfort, and healthy food. That’s what drives us. So, we push what’s possible, helping people live better today as we build a more livable tomorrow.

How Innovating for Sustainable Food Systems has the Power to Deliver Social Impact

Rasha HasaneenNovember 10, 2022

We believe innovation for everyone, by everyone, can turn ideas into a chance at a better future. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Indoor Air Pollution: How Lessons from the Past Can Help Us Today

Rasha HasaneenOctober 10, 2022

A look back on IAQ strategies and how innovative new technologies—plus an integrated, data-driven approach—can help us tackle IAQ issues in the most energy-efficient way.

Sustainability in Action: Leveraging Energy from the Sun to Reduce Carbon Emissions for ECS

Trane TechnologiesAugust 22, 2022

European Container Services turns to Trane Technologies’ Thermo King business for solar panels that help reduce their CO2 footprint.

Sustainability in Action: State of New Mexico Government Buildings

Trane TechnologiesJuly 07, 2022

How a holistic approach to modernizing buildings helped New Mexico decarbonize aging buildings and reduce energy costs.

Sustainability in Action: A Homeowner on a Mission to Reduce His Carbon Footprint

Trane TechnologiesApril 12, 2022

Jesse M. turned to Trane for a new HVAC system that would reduce his impact on the environment and lower his home’s energy costs.

Healthy Spaces Podcast Special Episode: The Win-Win for Human and Planetary Health

Rasha HasaneenApril 06, 2022

The relationship between human and planetary health is connected, and so is the quality of indoor and outdoor air.

Sustainability in Action: Mater Dei Hospital in Malta

Trane TechnologiesMarch 28, 2022

How electrification of heating helped the Mater Dei Hospital achieve significant energy efficiency, indoor air quality improvements and a lower carbon footprint.

Sustainability in Action: The Aalsmeer Energy Hub

Trane TechnologiesMarch 15, 2022

Achieving fossil-free electricity use by 2040 is no small undertaking. One Dutch city is taking a unique, groundbreaking approach.

Building Resiliency in Vaccine Development and Distribution

Trane TechnologiesFebruary 16, 2022

Vaccine manufacturers are relying on flexible and efficient ultra-low temperature processing and storage solutions to match the demand for vaccine production.

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 7 - Innovations for Healthy and Efficient Spaces

Rasha HasaneenJanuary 19, 2022

Improving indoor air quality can have a taxing effect on building efficiency – but the future is without compromise. 

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 6 - The (Bus) Ride to Efficient and Equitable Cities

Rasha HasaneenJanuary 11, 2022

Increasing the safety and accessibility of mass transit systems is paramount on the road to equitable and healthier cities.

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 5 - The Show Must Go On

Rasha HasaneenDecember 07, 2021

Concert halls and sports venues face some of the biggest challenges in creating safe environments for guests. But evolving standards and indoor environmental quality strategies are making it possible to keep the lights on and seats occupied.

Getting to Zero Through Transformative Innovation

Donny SimmonsDecember 06, 2021

Bold decarbonization commitments will bend the curve on climate change, and the technology exists today to challenge what’s possible.

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 4 - Home Sweet (Healthy) Home

Rasha HasaneenNovember 09, 2021

Just about everything we do in our homes affects the quality of air we breathe – and our health. Experts explain what we could be doing more (or less) of to reduce asthma and allergy triggers and improve the overall quality of life in our homes.

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 3 - Getting Smart about Schools

Rasha HasaneenOctober 27, 2021

Schools are the heart of any community, and their excellence is depends on the health of the learning environment. Experts explain what needs to improve.
Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 2 - Healthy Workspaces for Now. And Tomorrow.

Rasha HasaneenOctober 12, 2021

As employers invite people back to the office, questions about workplace safety fill the air. Hear from experts about what has been learned about health and wellness at work.
Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 2, Episode 1 - The Accelerating Evolution of Healthy Spaces

Rasha HasaneenOctober 05, 2021

As the world re-opens amid a stubborn global pandemic, the health and safety of the spaces we occupy is increasingly significant. Healthy Spaces explores it all.
Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain from Start to Finish

Trane TechnologiesAugust 17, 2021

When the health of people everywhere is at stake, reliable and adaptable cold chain technology is central to success.
Three Ways Technology is Helping Public Transportation Become More Sustainable

Rasha HasaneenAugust 09, 2021

It’s possible to increase the comfort and confidence of riders while also progressing the environmental health and wellbeing of cities.

This article originally published in Forbes Tech Council.
Thailand Hotel Gains Guests’ Confidence with Improved Air Quality

Trane TechnologiesApril 19, 2021

Learn how a resort in Thailand used our innovative air cleaning solutions to improve their indoor environment and increase guests’ confidence.
Making the Invisible, Visible

Rasha HasaneenApril 05, 2021

In the realm of healthy spaces, making the quality of air people breath visible is the biggest opportunity to build occupant confidence.
Decarbonization: A Sustainable Pathway

Jose La LoggiaFebruary 12, 2021

The path to decreased emissions is paved with innovation in decarbonization and the electrification of heating. Read how Trane Technologies is leading the way.
A Shared Movement for the Future of Healthy Spaces

Rasha HasaneenDecember 17, 2020

We’re sharing what we know about healthy and efficient spaces in order to raise expectations for what they can do for people inside, and the world outside.
Scottish City Takes Bold Action to Meet Net-Zero Emissions Target

Trane TechnologiesNovember 24, 2020

To achieve a bold goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, one Scottish city is using inventive wastewater cleaning solutions to heat public buildings.
Connecting to the Future of Sustainability - One Building at a Time

Trane TechnologiesOctober 27, 2020

Connected buildings are the gateway to increasing sustainability. Learn how they play a vital role in accelerating the transformation to carbon neutral buildings.
Connectivity: A Sustainable Foundation for Buildings

Trane TechnologiesSeptember 15, 2020

Read how connected buildings are serving as the gateway to bold thinking and operations as we lead our industry into a new age of sustainability.
A Holistic Approach to Indoor Air Quality

Trane TechnologiesJuly 30, 2020

Four key factors to healthier indoor air quality, that when considered together, create a more optimal indoor environment.