Bold leads to better.

Building a more sustainable future demands bold thinking and decisive action. We were made for this. Today, we’re pushing what’s possible to make tomorrow’s world a better place for everyone.

Delivering on our Commitment to Low-Carbon Steel

Keith SultanaNovember 20, 2023

We're leading by example in responsible operations, and sourcing low-carbon steel is an important step on the path to net-zero.

Educating Everyone: The Power of Storytelling to Build a Net-Zero Future

Carrie RuddyOctober 17, 2023

We’re investing in employee training, market education and community engagement, using storytelling as a tool to empower individuals and drive positive change towards a net-zero future.

A New Way to Lead in Sustainable Business: Regenerative Impact

Scott TewSeptember 18, 2023

Catalyzing collective action to generate inclusive growth

Why Breaking Down Energy Silos is the Key to Decarbonization

Jose La LoggiaJuly 14, 2023

Innovative heat pump technology and electrified thermal management systems are set to become game-changers in the way commercial buildings are managed. But to get the most out of these technologies, we have to change our mindset and break down silos around heating and cooling. 

Leaders in Action: Mtu Leads the Way in Community Impact

Trane TechnologiesSeptember 27, 2023

A leader talks about his efforts to combat hunger, homelessness, and inequality as part of his mission to foster sustainable futures for children in his community.

Building a Diverse Workforce for the Future

Mairéad MagnerSeptember 22, 2023

Investing in workforce innovation and strategic partnerships to develop and grow a diverse pipeline of talent.

Bridging the Education Gap in China's Rural Communities

Deidra Parrish WilliamsAugust 21, 2023

Trane Technologies collaborates with Yuanshan Foundation to empower rural students in China with STEM education, fostering sustainable futures.

Why External Accountability Matters

Paul CamutiNovember 07, 2023

A shared understanding of measurements and reporting mechanisms provides the foundation for trust with employees, investors, customers and communities.

Turning Ambition into Bold Action and Impact

Scott TewMay 08, 2023

As a global climate innovator, Trane Technologies has clear ambitions. But ambition alone is not enough—we take action every day to enhance our positive impact on our customers and our communities.

Sustainability, the Sweet Spot for Growth

Dave RegneryFebruary 27, 2023

While global megatrends continue to intensify, they’re also tailwinds for innovation and long-term growth.

Transforming Board Oversight: Sustainability is the Strategy

Paul CamutiJanuary 17, 2023

The race is on to transform companies for success in a decarbonized world. Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer Paul Camuti offers his perspective on the role of the board in strategy and oversight of ESG.

Sustainability in Action: Monterrey facility is leading by example in energy and waste management

Trane TechnologiesOctober 25, 2023

Our team at Trane Monterrey is taking bold action to lead the way in responsible operations, installing photovoltaic panels and a biological wastewater treatment plant to reduce absolute energy consumption and achieve net positive water consumption for production across three plants. 

Sustainability in Action: An Electrified Future at 55 Water Street

Trane TechnologiesSeptember 14, 2023

How high-efficiency chillers, thermal energy storage and building automation are accelerating the decarbonization of one of the largest office buildings in New York City.

Navigating Disruption: Leading the transition to a decarbonized cold chain

Mtu PughSeptember 11, 2023

Decarbonization is a term being used more and more around the world. For Thermo King, it has become a strategic part of our innovation journey and a way to advance our industry toward more sustainable outcomes.

Hear Her Story: Amy Volz

Trane TechnologiesNovember 28, 2023

Amy Volz, head of workforce innovation at Trane Technologies, joins the Hear Her Story Podcast to discuss the impact of the Trane Technologies Technician Apprenticeship Program on workforce innovation in the manufacturing industry.

The CMO Podcast: A Great Purpose Can Change a Company

Carrie RuddyNovember 21, 2023

Carrie Ruddy, senior vice president and chief communications and marketing officer at Trane Technologies, joins the CMO Podcast to explore the transformative impact of the company’s “purpose-driven strategy.”

Healthy Spaces Podcast: Season 3, Episode 7 - Taking Action Together

Trane TechnologiesNovember 13, 2023

Hear from sustainability leaders about how to build a net-zero future together.