Our Environment

The world needs leadership on sustainability. To us, that means putting the planet first in everything we do. And taking bold action today to confront climate change and build a better world tomorrow.

The Role We Play in Freezing the Trajectory of Emissions

Scott TewJuly 28, 2021

To make headway in the fight against climate change, heating, cooling and ventilation systems have to be part of the solution.

How Building Coalition and Collaboration can be Transformative for the Environment

Rasha HasaneenMay 25, 2021

With globally managed square footage in the billions, improvements achieved through collaboration have the potential to yield major results for indoor spaces.

How we Lead by Example: Energy Improvements in Trane Technologies Facilities

Keith SultanaMay 04, 2021

To meet our goal of carbon neutral operations, our teams around the world took decisive, energy-saving actions to have a positive impact on the environment.

Bold Action for a Brighter Climate Future

Trane TechnologiesApril 22, 2021

Bending the curve on climate change will take bold action. That’s why we support the U.S. commitment to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

Today, the courage to act. Tomorrow, a more sustainable world.

March 24, 2021

Acting courageously today will lead to a more sustainable future. Learn how Trane Technologies is partnering with like-minded companies to lead the way.

Urgent Action on the Agenda at Climate Week NYC

Dave RegnerySeptember 25, 2020

Read about the topics covered at Climate Week NYC - IAQ, IEQ, and increasing sustainability by optimizing new technology that enables connected buildings.

Sustainability: Setting Bold Targets

Scott TewFebruary 11, 2020

By setting bold targets, Trane Technologies is on track for making big operational changes toward sustainability. Learn how we're doing and why.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Randal NewtonFebruary 10, 2020

Read why sustainability is at the forefront of our business strategy. Here's a hint: the results could mean increased profitability and improved results.

The Race Towards Net Zero

A global survey by Newsweek Vantage found that 3/4 of major companies - including Trane Technologies - are aiming for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.