Dave Regnery

CEO Perspective: Guided by a Clear Purpose

When purpose is central to strategy, the possibilities are amplified.

Our shared purpose—to boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world—is the foundation for our company’s innovation and growth. It has shaped our culture and has led us to create cutting-edge climate solutions that are paving a path toward a better future.

Chair and CEO Dave Regnery joined Trane Technologies leaders - Karin De Bondt, President Thermo King Americas and Carrie Ruddy, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications & Marketing Officer – to reflect on the unifying strength of our purpose and how it fuels all that we do.

…every employee, wants to have a greater purpose as to why they come to work. At Trane Technologies you're going to have that purpose.

Dave Regnery

Chair and CEO, Trane Technologies

Chair and CEO Dave Regnery reflects on the unifying strength of our purpose and how it fuels all that we do.



Dave Regnery: Our purpose is fundamental to our strategy. It's who we are as Trane Technologies. I feel like myself as well as every employee, wants to have a greater purpose as to why they come to work. And at Trane Technologies you're going to be able to have that purpose. You're going to be able to say, I go to work every day and the work that we're doing is having a real impact on how we're going to decarbonize this world.

Carrie Ruddy
: What does that mean to you in terms of the Thermo King America's business? And then how do you relate to the rest of Trane Technologies and our broader purpose?

Karin De Bondt: I was in Minneapolis last week and they showed me an electric truck and our electric unit was on it. And the team was standing there and they were so proud. They had just been to one of the shows here in the US and they had so much customer feedback on how does it work and is this operational. So, you're seeing it happen. People just get it – it’s not just words. People understand that - it's in their hearts, and they have the passion to do that.

Carrie Ruddy:
How is purpose really embedded in everything we do at Trane Technologies?

Dave Regnery: We have so much alignment within our six SBUs because we share a common purpose and everyone can relate to it. We have more in common today than we ever had before as a pure play climate business. And everyone is 100% aligned on our purpose. It's that meaningful. I can remember back in 2013 when we had our first base set of science-based targets. We didn't know exactly how we were going to get there, but we knew that if we engaged our employees, we had a great chance of achieving them. And we achieved them two years early.

Karin De Bondt: I think we have made so much progress on that. It's in our strategy and then it’s in our goals. So, we are aligned across the company on where the focus is and where we want to deliver. I think it's good we're not prescriptive because it allows people also to pick it up and become part of it, part of the solution. We have the big levers how we want to do it, but there's room there also for people to make a difference. You see the teams pick that up, really want to be part of that commitment.

Thought Leaders

Dave Regnery

Chair and CEO, Trane Technologies

Rasha Hasaneen

Vice President, Innovation and Product Management Excellence, and Executive Director, Center for Healthy and Efficient Spaces, Trane Technologies

Keith Sultana

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Operational Services, Trane Technologies

Scott Tew

Vice President, Sustainability and Managing Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Trane Technologies

Paul Camuti

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Trane Technologies

Steve Hagood

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Trane Technologies

Deidra Parrish Williams

Global Corporate Citizenship Leader, Trane Technologies

Donny Simmons

President, Trane Commercial HVAC Americas

Jose La Loggia

Jose La Loggia, President, Trane Commercial HVAC Europe, Middle East and Africa

Randal Newton

Vice President, Engineering, Trane Technologies