Graduates from the first cohort of Trane’s Trade Warriors program

Uplifting the Workforce of the Future

How Trane Technologies is opening new career pathways through partnerships, programs and resources.

At Trane Technologies, we believe we can make a real impact on the resilience of the workforce of the future. We are uplifting and preparing people for in-demand careers in the HVAC industry through training, resources, programs and partnerships, helping develop new technical skills and opening new career pathways. We are especially poised and ready to include those from underserved communities. Here’s how.

Partnerships make it happen: Meet Earnell

Earnell Newman

Earnell Newman was a tile installer for eight years before coming to Trane Technologies to work in one of the cafeteria kitchens of our Davidson, North Carolina, campus. Over four years he worked his way up in seniority and was about to become junior sous chef. Then the global pandemic hit, and campus cafeterias closed indefinitely. He needed to find work.

Earnell heard about the local Urban League’s HVAC program, funded in part by Trane Technologies. The Urban League advocates for and equips people in underserved communities with the tools to achieve social and economic equality. Its HVAC program focuses on building the knowledge and hands-on skills needed for certification and immediate entry-level employment in the HVAC industry.

“HVAC is one of the very few industries that didn’t slow down during the pandemic, and I knew Trane Technologies was the right spot to be in,” Earnell says.

In line with Sustainable Futures, Trane Technologies’ citizenship strategy, our partnership with the Urban League of Central Carolinas includes a grant from the Trane Technologies Foundation, residential and commercial HVAC equipment donations and employee volunteerism. Our relationship with the Urban League is a significant way to give back to the community while building a pipeline of technical talent and advancing our efforts to mirror the diversity of the communities where we operate.

The training Earnell received through the Urban League opened a new career pathway and more opportunities to learn and grow. After earning his HVAC certification, he joined Trane Technologies’ four-year HVAC service technician apprentice program. He’s learning on the job with a sponsor and master technician who sign off on his skills proficiency as he masters different tasks. The credits Earnell earns through his Trane Technologies apprenticeship will transfer to a four-year college, and he plans to take advantage of that.

Earnell says he feels a real sense of belonging from welcoming team members that support one another and help each other out at customer job sites.

“When you have an uplifting job, you feel needed,” Earnell says. “Plus, I love this work because I rarely do the same thing twice.”

The skilled labor shortage is one of our dealers’ biggest challenges… Trade Warriors gives dealers access to a skilled talent pool that already knows about teamwork, integrity, loyalty and respect for procedures.

Crystal Hyman, Dealer Contractor Experience Leader, Trane Technologies

Helping others find their next career

The partnership with the Urban League is one of many ways we connect with organizations to help build career paths that lead to rewarding growth and opportunity.

In late 2021, Trane Technologies’ Residential HVAC business launched Trade Warriors, a training program that prepares America’s service members for careers in the HVAC industry. For the pilot, we partnered with the Army’s Career Skills Program at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to provide soldiers with 8 weeks of HVAC technician training. We then helped them find jobs at Trane dealers in their preferred area of the country.

The program addresses a top concern for service members leaving the military—finding rewarding careers for their next phase of life—and addresses the HVAC industry’s technician shortage.

“The skilled labor shortage is one of our dealers’ biggest challenges, and it’s impacting their ability to grow their businesses,” says Crystal Hyman, dealer contractor experience leader at Trane Technologies. “Trade Warriors gives dealers access to a skilled talent pool that already knows about teamwork, integrity, loyalty and respect for procedures. The program reduces onboarding time for dealers, since service members are taught on Trane equipment, and have the tools and certifications they need to start performing on day one.

Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship

In partnership with Scholarship America, Trane Technologies launched the Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship. It recognizes deserving students in communities in the U.S. and Canada seeking technical education as they prepare to enter the HVAC or building automation fields.

The Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship provides essential financial support for aspiring HVAC or controls technicians launching their careers and engages a diverse pool of students.

Fernando Medina

Fernando Medina is one of 21 students awarded the scholarship in 2021. After 21 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, he was ready to embark on a new path—a fulfilling, hands-on career as an HVAC technician. His goal was to land a job at an organization with opportunities for career advancement. He achieved that goal and more the day he accepted the scholarship.

“When I went to go pick up the award, I brought my resume with me to apply for a job,” Fernando says. “To my surprise, they told me that in addition to getting the scholarship, I was also getting a job! I was excited because I wanted to work for Trane Technologies. It’s a reputable company, with a lot of jobs and opportunities to advance and try different things.”

While most scholarship recipients interested in working for our company will take part in a traditional interview process and are not guaranteed employment, Fernando stood out, leading the area contracting manager to hire him on the spot.

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