Amber Mulligan and husband

Reflecting on Allyship

A leader shares her thoughts on embracing allyship to foster a culture of inclusivity.

When some of us think about an LGBTQIA+ person coming out, we usually think of a dramatic event--like the first time they shared that part of their identity with close family and friends. But when I think of it, I recall the traumatic experiences that people I hold dear have had to endure when trying to communicate about who they are. Witnessing those coming out experiences made me resolute: my kids would never have to go through that. My kids would never wonder if my husband and I will always love, support, and accept them as they discover themselves.

My husband and I have worked hard to create an environment of open communication, acceptance, and love in our home. I’m confident that we've probably made and will continue to make mistakes –which we talk about—but we do our best to show grace as we learn and grow.

Creating safe spaces

I recognize that some individuals are going to homes, workplaces, and environments that are not safe spaces. I’ve also learned that coming out is not a one-time experience for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. These individuals come out – or choose not to – every single day. At work. At the grocery store. With acquaintances. With family. Every time they are misgendered. Each time someone assumes their spouse or partner is a member of the opposite sex. 

“What I've learned from my relationship with members of this community is how important it is for us to be supportive, open-minded, and accepting.”

Amber Mulligan

Vice President, Strategic Sales & Marketing

LGBTQIA+ individuals are always asking themselves if they can share who they are with others. I believe the decision to share their authentic selves comes down to trust. And what I've learned from my relationship with members of this community is how important it is for us to be supportive, open-minded, and accepting.

This ties to one of Trane Technologies' leadership principles: We include and uplift one anotherWe embrace differences and value the opinions and contributions of each person. Acceptance, respect, celebrating differences, and showing support are at the front and center of who we are at Trane Technologies and are also attributes of allyship.

So, I encourage everyone to reflect on their allyship. Together, let’s show our colleagues, teams, friends, and families that we are there for them, today, tomorrow and any time they need it.

Thought Leaders

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