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Opening Pathways to Careers of the Future

An investment in a more sustainable world starts with preparing students for the green and STEM careers of the future.

As more of the world acknowledges the connection between our environment and our economies, we are seeing increasing investment in pathways known to lead toward a more sustainable future. A critical part of that investment is preparing students for careers of the future, which tend to be in the green and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

This investment will contribute to a triple win: creating a stable place for young people in tomorrow’s workforce, combating climate change, and fueling broad socio-economic development through a transition to renewable energy, efficiency and electrification.

A strong case for investing now

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, investing in green energy jobs “may be the best way to reactivate the economy and have a post-pandemic world that is cleaner, safer and brighter for everyone.”

A report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) says that an increased investment in renewable energy sources could quadruple the number of current jobs in that field to 42 million globally by 2050. Energy efficiency measures could create 21 million additional jobs by that time, the report said.

Many STEM fields of work offer a strong employment outlook, too, with demand continuing to rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of STEM jobs to grow 8% by 2029 – a higher rate than non-STEM jobs – with positions in computing, engineering and advanced manufacturing in the lead.

Stemming careers through collaboration

At Trane Technologies, we believe a sustainable future for all depends heavily on today’s students who will be tomorrow’s bold innovators and thinkers. Students from underserved communities often face a lack of green and STEM career opportunity because of geographic and demographic gaps. We’re helping bridge this access gap by investing in students’ skill development for green and STEM careers through strategic alliances, like our partnership with NC3, the National Coalition of Certification Centers.

“We envision an industrial labor market where all workers have jobs they need to thrive, and all companies have the well-trained employees they need to operate and grow.”

Roger Tadajewski

NC3 executive director

NC3 connects employers and educational institutions for effective training, elevation of skilled careers, and employment opportunities. Its model is to deliver industry-relevant curriculum and certifications without cost to students. It’s also a model that allows students from previously under-represented communities to engage and thrive.

“We help schools enhance their HVAC labs with state-of-the-art residential and commercial HVAC systems to provide students with specialized training,” shared Pat Archambault, Education Program manager for Trane, a Trane Technologies brand. “Using the latest, most advanced equipment and sophisticated controls systems, we create real-life scenarios for hands-on learning,” he said.

Our most recent contribution is the new Trane NC3 Data Analytics certification, developed for secondary and post-secondary STEM and Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, benefiting numerous career fields across multiple disciplines. The ability to analyze data is a highly valued qualification for almost any career path. It teaches students the skills needed to ask questions and use technology to identify and analyze the many stories found in big data, then creatively and effectively communicate these stories in order to make informed decisions.

“Workforce development builds strong people and strong communities,” said Roger Tadajewski, NC3 executive director. “We envision an industrial labor market where all workers have jobs they need to thrive, and all companies have the well-trained employees they need to operate and grow.”

The workforce of the future

For lifelong success in a green or STEM career, young people need more than basic math and science skills. They must also have critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills – and the ability to adapt.

Our partnership with Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) on the development of a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Automation and Robotics includes the design of a special robotics automation training center at our Thermo King manufacturing plant in Galway, Ireland.

“The training center is very unique, and the new bachelor’s degree will result in a major upskilling in engineering, automation and robotics capabilities within Ireland and beyond,” said Cormac Mac Donncha, vice president, Integrated Supply Chain, Thermo King Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “The four-year course is available for 20 students every year from all over the region. We are aiming at a new and more diverse generation of the workforce.”

Our focus on education and career development means more young people are aware of rewarding careers of the future. Opening pathways to those bright futures uplifts our communities and provides more opportunity and a better world for everyone.

Learn more about Sustainable Futures, our corporate citizenship strategy to activate our strongest resources to support young, under-represented learners everywhere.

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