Meenakshi Yellamraju

Meenakshi enables success through diversity

Meenakshi Yellamraju shares the power of uplifting others and contributing to our diverse and inclusive culture through her work as an engineering leader and co-chair of the Asian Employee Resource Group.

We are optimistic people who believe in a better future and the power of inclusion and collaboration to get us there. We are building a diverse, uplifting culture.

It was almost 16 years ago, but Meenakshi Yellamraju, an engineering leader, still remembers her interview at the Trane Technologies office in Tyler, Texas, because it felt like she found her match. 

“I knew that I wanted to be a part of an organization that provides support, many opportunities for growth, and nourishes and values diverse talent. I was interviewing for an engineering role at two different companies—one of them was Trane Technologies. The interview experience and environment at Trane Technologies made my decision easy,” said Meenakshi. “Even now, years later, I am still surrounded by colleagues and leadership who provide support, encourage growth, and respect me.”

As someone who strives to challenge the status quo and lead by example, Meenakshi believes that embracing diversity—in background, talent, and knowledge--contributes to innovation and success.

"I’ve seen how a willingness to understand different cultures, lead with empathy, and learn from others is important. It contributes to happier teams who can successfully work together to achieve goals."

Meenakshi Yellamraju

Engineering Leader

“I work with global teams and collaborate with people with diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences, and we all embrace and value our differences. I’ve seen how a willingness to understand different cultures, lead with empathy, and learn from others is important. It contributes to happier teams who can successfully work together to achieve goals,” said Meenakshi.

It also applies to her work--uplifting others--as enterprise co-chair of the Trane Technologies Asian Employee Resource Group (AERG).

AERG event

Contributing to an inclusive culture

She brings high energy and interest to her role as enterprise co-chair, coordinating and hosting activities to support the AERG, while working closely with the Diversity and Inclusion team to identify and collaborate on strategic priorities.

“The aim is to increase AERG membership and engagement and representation from various regions and maximize resources through collaboration with other ERGs,” said Meenakshi.

In addition to providing opportunities for learning and development, supporting the business, and serving our communities, the AERG host activities that support the rich heritage of Asian Americans.

“We’ve supported employee spotlight panel discussions highlighting diverse employees of Trane Technologies serving different functions, brought in external speakers to share insights on diversity challenges, and we’ve hosted different events to celebrate Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) heritage month,” shared Meenakshi. “We get positive feedback from members on what they’ve learned from these activities. And we continue to listen and gather feedback, ensuring that what we’re doing brings value to the organization and provides more opportunities for learning and engagement.”

Spreading her passion to others

Meenakshi is passionate about bringing diversity and inclusion to life as she leads her team and supports the AERG. And she’s been able to do that for many years—it’s one of the reasons she loves working here.

Seeing the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace, Meenakshi encourages employees to utilize our ERGs to learn new cultures and connect with others.  

"ERGs are a great resource for employees where they can develop, build connections, and find support. Joining an ERG is a great way to get more involved in our organization, gain meaningful learning experiences and contribute to our inclusive culture,” added Meenakshi.

“I’ve found that getting involved in the AERG—especially as co-chair--gives me more visibility and exposure to different opportunities. I’ve also got access to helpful resources and a network of great supportive people, which helps me develop professionally and personally.”

AERG dragon boat event

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