Angelica Rodriguez

Why We Boldly Go: Making an Impact by Confronting Big Problems

Through Operation Possible, our employee-powered innovation program, everyone has the potential to boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world – including Angelica.

At Trane Technologies, we dare to do things differently by constantly pushing boundaries and embracing innovation that can have a positive impact on our planet – and everyone on it.

For Angelica Rodriguez, a commercial finance manager in Bogotá, Columbia, that commitment to have a positive impact begins with her own personal behaviors and extends into her expectations for what our business can do on a much bigger scale.

When the company launched an employee-powered innovation program, called Operation Possible, and began problem-solving around ways to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics in our global business, Angelica knew that her passion for a more sustainable way of life was reflected in the goals of the program. She shared her own story of action with the hope that it could kick-start a ripple of even bigger and bolder change.

In Colombia there are quite beautiful landscapes, but you turn around and it’s totally full of garbage. We need to find a way to eliminate single-use plastics from our consumption culture. I know that with small changes and with great responsibilities we can achieve a sustainable world.  

So, on a bigger scale, I think what is the impact that each of our daily activities generates on the environment? There are hundreds of ways to reduce the daily use of plastics. In our home we try to think as a family which moments we're generating plastic waste. Each one of us has a bag with our cutlery, a cup that can be reduced in size and additionally, a bottle that we use and in this way, we are generating alternatives to reduce our impact as a family on the environment.  

What other things have we implemented here? Through communication with the restaurant that provides us with lunch every day, we have created a Tupperware culture. We deliver the container to the restaurant and the restaurant gives us the food to consume. What else? When we buy our food or our clothes, we bring our backpack or our own degradable bags. They are small actions, but with these small actions we inspire others to be better.  

The best possible result that Trane Technologies can bring through Operation Possible is the change in culture for each and every one of the members of the organization. And, on a larger scale, for our suppliers and clients. We need to think about the entire production cycle

from when things are raw materials, to the final waste that we generate as individuals, as households and as a company.

So the example starts at home. The example begins with ourselves. I know that together we can achieve a better world.

Learn more about how Operation Possible is harnessing the power of purpose and people to drive innovation at Trane Technologies.

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