Kongmeng Vang

Why We Boldly Go: Kongmeng shares his path to leadership

In just three years, Kongmeng Vang has paved his way to leadership, thanks to hard work, support, access to opportunities and resources like tuition reimbursement. Learn how he’s advanced professionally and personally to support his family.

We all have the opportunity to thrive at work and in life. Supported by comprehensive learning and development solutions, our people enjoy rewarding careers and opportunities to grow.

“I started my career at Trane Technologies as a picker, packer, and palletizer. When I learned that the company is always looking for new leaders, I knew I wanted to be in a leadership position one day. I worked hard and put myself out there to show my leader and others that I wanted to be a leader,” recalled Kongmeng Vang. 

A year later, Kongmeng applied for a team lead position. It was his first—but not last—leadership role. He admits that he was nervous and almost gave up during the application process, but his leader encouraged him to go for it. He did. And he got the job. For eight months, Kongmeng served as a team lead, getting great feedback from his team and manager.

And he was ready for more.

Kongmeng team

Next, he sought a leadership role at a new distribution center. This time around, more equipped with confidence and leadership skills. His manager encouraged him to go for it again, and he did, which led to his current role as a 2nd shift distribution supervisor at our Thermo King business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Striving for family and success

Kongmeng is now in school, pursuing his business degree.

“The more knowledge you have, the more you can advance. After I became a supervisor, I thought about how to further my career. I wanted to continue my education. But school is expensive, and I support a large family. I didn't know how to manage the cost until I learned about Trane Technologies Tuition Assistance Program[1], which helps employees pay for education," shared Kongmeng. 

"So, I enrolled in school and applied for tuition assistance. I pay out of pocket, but after I finish a class, I turn in a tuition reimbursement form and get reimbursed if I pass my classes with a 'C' or better. 

“I want to be a role model for my kids—I know they see everything I’m doing to progress for them. What I love about Trane Technologies are the opportunities. I’ve gotten opportunities here that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. I’ve been able to further myself for my family."

Kongmeng Vang

2nd Shift Distribution Center Supervisor

It feels like I’m getting a free education. I'm grateful."  For Kongmeng, continuously seeking opportunities to develop is all for his family, which includes his wife and seven children.

Vang family

“I want to be a role model for my kids—I know they see everything I’m doing,” said Kongmeng. “What I love about Trane Technologies are the opportunities. I’ve gotten so many opportunities here that I haven’t gotten anywhere else. I’ve been able to grow and further myself for my family.”

Everything pays off 

Kongmeng headshot

It’s not easy working, leading a team, being a parent, and attending school—which he does online--and he was recently nominated to take a Leadership Edge course, which he will complete at the end of the month. He manages to make it all work, believing everything he’s doing will eventually pay off.

Kongmeng also credits his leader, team, and family for supporting him as he chases his goals. His advice to anyone looking to advance, go back to school, or pursue their dreams:

“Always set your goals and chase after them. Don't let time pass you by because the more time you waste, the more you can fall behind. When you get feedback, think of it as a gift. And don't give up--you will reach your destination soon."

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