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Why We Boldly Go: Alicia, investing in herself and others

Alicia is passionate about her professional development--utilizing company resources and a strong support network--while uplifting young girls in STEM and supporting her local community.

We are pioneering people passionate about our careers and communities. We get support, resources, and opportunities to develop, grow and thrive in and out of work.

"I like to encourage people. And when it comes to pursuing professional or personal goals—these are my words of encouragement: Go to the places that others only dream about, do the things that you know you can do, and the challenges that lie ahead are stepping-stones to your greatest achievements,” advised Alicia Goodwin, advanced quality engineer for Trane Technologies Commercial HVAC Americas business. 

These are words she lives by. 

As a teenager, Alicia liked participating in STEM activities, learning how different materials shape various products, and hands-on learning--leading to her great achievement: her career as an engineer. She enjoys what she does and seeks opportunities to develop and grow.

Investing in herself

Advancing her career is her goal, and between working with her leader and leveraging company resources, she’s working to make it happen.

“I’m a member of Women in Manufacturing to connect and learn from other women engineers. Trane Technologies also offers different programs. I participated in a Women in Action cohort, where I networked, learned how to be a leader, and gained new skills. Right now, I’m in the Black Leader Mentoring cohort. We meet monthly to talk about different topics like conflict resolution, how to present yourself, and how people who look like me—and may find it difficult to speak in a meeting and be heard--can find their voice,” shared Alicia.

"My manager told me about the opportunities and put my name forward to join both programs. I’m grateful that my manager is in my corner, helping me get where I want to go.”

The support she gets from her manager, team, and family fuels her growth and development. 

Making it all count

And for Alicia, receiving that support matters as much as giving it to others. So, when she's not supporting the New Product Development teams to build and design products or working on her professional development, she’s uplifting girls and her community.

"I’ve been here eight years, and I still enjoy it--my career, the people, and the supportive environment."

Alicia Goodwin

Quality Engineer

“I run monthly workshops, that includes STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, and Math) for middle school girls, and I volunteer through a food share program, distributing food boxes to people who are food insecure in my community,” said Alicia.

Alicia volunteering with coworkers

She leads a busy life--investing in herself, others, and the community. Managing all of that and finding balance is another achievement for Alicia. And it comes from her passion and hard work and through the support she gets from her husband, team, and the company. 

“I’ve been here eight years, and I still enjoy it--my career, the people, and the supportive environment,” shared Alicia. “Trane Technologies takes care of employees—mentally, physically, and financially—helping us to pursue our goals in and out of the workplace," shared Alicia.

From tackling her career to uplifting her community and inspiring young girls to be future engineers—Alicia is thriving.

Alicia and New Product Development Team

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