MTU Pugh holding volunteer sign

Leaders in Action: Mtu Leads the Way in Community Impact

A leader talks about his efforts to combat hunger, homelessness, and inequality as part of his mission to foster sustainable futures for children in his community.

Leadership isn't confined to steering companies; it's the catalyst for shaping a better world. Mtu Pugh, Trane Technologies Vice President of Strategic Marketing, embodies this philosophy. By day, he fulfills his corporate role, but by night, he takes on a more profound mission as a dedicated volunteer and board member at the Charlotte Data Regional Trust. As a board member, he leverages his skills and expertise to address societal challenges, catalyzing transformative change within his community. His service underscores the role that all, including leaders, can play in uplifting people and communities to shape a brighter future for everyone.

Mtu Pugh shares how he builds sustainable futures in his community

I am currently on the board of the Charlotte Regional Data Trust.

And, so, it is an organization that takes data from different sources around the county--Mecklenburg County and uses it to solve complex problems.

And, so, we work with the University of North Carolina Charlotte, UNCC.

And we solve problems like how does homelessness impact children's academic performance.

Or how does having a relative who is incarcerated impact student health and student academics?

And, so, it's a really, a really great way of connecting different forces around the county and around the city together to help solve really hard problems.

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