Michael W. Lamach accepts NAM Board Chair

Michael W. Lamach to Serve as NAM Board Chair

Outgoing NAM Board Chair David Seaton (right) passes the gavel to successor Michael W. Lamach

The National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) Board of Directors has reelected Trane Technologies Chairman and CEO Mike Lamach as its chairman and Dow Chairman and CEO Jim Fitterling as vice chair.

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The National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) has announced that  Michael W. Lamach will serve as chair of its Board of Directors. Lamach succeeds David Seaton of Fluor Corporation. Dow CEO Jim Fitterling will serve as vice chair.

Outsized influence

“I’m thrilled to be leading an organization that has such outsized influence in moving competitiveness policies in Washington,” Lamach said. “Whether it is working with the White House, the agencies or members of Congress—both Democrats and Republicans—the NAM is the most respected and influential voice in the room. This is an association on solid financial footing, with impressive membership growth—it’s why our members have such trust in the best-in-class NAM team.”

“The NAM has developed a well-earned reputation for consistently proposing thoughtful, meaningful solutions to issues that affect American manufacturers like Dow,” Fitterling said. “They do so in a constructive way, working to bring policy leaders together regardless of political party or affiliation. The focus is on policy issues that are critical to our industry, and I am proud to serve on this respected board.”

Manufacturers’ voice

According to NAM, manufacturing has experienced strong growth over the past few years, thanks in large part to game-changing tax and regulatory reform. The NAM Board of Directors is primed as manufacturers’ voice to help secure additional reforms to spur job creation, increase economic competitiveness and build a 21st-century manufacturing workforce.

“Mike Lamach and Jim Fitterling are two of the most respected CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in the country,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “They are forceful, effective spokespeople for the policies that ensure manufacturers remain competitive—tax reform, regulatory certainty, trade expansion, infrastructure investment, immigration reform, energy development, workforce development and more.

Forward-thinking leaders

“They are forward-thinking leaders with a commitment to the success of our industry and country—and the more than 12.8 million men and women who make things in America,” he continued. “Without a doubt, our association is in great hands with these exceptional individuals at the helm. I look forward to working with them to keep manufacturing in the spotlight and to continue delivering results that exceed the expectations of our members.”

In addition, Douglas Baker, Jr., chairman and CEO of Ecolab Inc., and Ruth Kimmelshue, corporate senior vice president of business operations & supply chain and chief sustainability officer of Cargill, joined the Executive Committee of the NAM’s Board of Directors.

“They are forward-thinking leaders with a commitment to the success of our industry and country—and the more than 12.8 million men and women who make things in America.”

Jay Timmons

NAM President and CEO

Thought Leaders

Scott Tew

Vice President, Sustainability and Managing Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Trane Technologies

Carrie Ruddy

Senior Vice President and Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Mairéad Magner

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Trane Technologies

Donny Simmons

Group President, Americas, Trane Technologies

Deidra Parrish Williams

Global Corporate Citizenship Leader, Trane Technologies

Jose La Loggia

Jose La Loggia, Group President, EMEA

Keith Sultana

Senior Vice President, Global Integrated Supply Chain, Trane Technologies

Paul Camuti

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, Trane Technologies

Steve Hagood

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Trane Technologies

Chris Kuehn

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Trane Technologies