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Preparing for Tomorrow: The Intern Experience

Hear from our summer interns and learn how they have grown as young professionals while also contributing to the business in meaningful ways.

This summer, 348 interns joined Trane Technologies for a 12-week, immersive experience. Regardless of their business function, brand, or location, these purpose-driven undergraduate students impacted the company in measurable and valuable ways. They applied their academic knowledge within a real business setting while gaining practical career experience.

With the guidance of their managers and teammates, they crafted projects to fit their unique interests while also being exposed to new challenges during their intern experience. Collectively, they designed products and processes, analyzed data, created new marketing strategies, developed new standards for talent management, and much more.

In addition to improving their technical abilities, this intern class sharpened their interpersonal and critical thinking skills. They formulated new ideas, defended their findings in presentations to key stakeholders, and communicated effectively. Supported by the Early Careers Team, interns took advantage of professional development sessions and networking opportunities that quickly made Trane Technologies feel like home.

Summer Rodgers, Career Management Consultant, shares, “It is incredibly rewarding to watch our interns build connections and take ownership of their projects. Our interns are our future leaders and playing a small role in helping guide their careers from the start is a humbling experience. I am proud of our program and our interns; I can’t wait to see all the amazing contributions they will make to our company and our world!”

We interviewed interns around the company and asked for their insights on a variety of topics—here’s what they had to say about the highlights of their summer intern experience.

What excites you about the company culture here at Trane Technologies?

Shellbi Stanfield

“When I first joined the company, a VP personally reached out and wanted to meet me—an intern! Also, as a member of the Black Employee Network and the LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), it’s encouraging to see company leaders attend ERG meetings and events. Times like these make me feel included and appreciated.”

-   Shellbi Stanfield, Operations

Jacob Watson

“I expected to adhere to strict corporate norms, but in the end, Trane Technologies values getting the work done and doing it the right way. With open lines of communication and colleagues that inspire me to be successful, the culture here is professional—but never stressful.”

-   Jacob Watson, Information Technology

Sarah Viebrock

“A lot of work in finance can focus on individual success. However, I am surprised that even in a virtual environment, I feel a strong sense of cohesion. No single person drives the entire process, and compared to my previous internships, that emphasis on teamwork was refreshing to see.”

-   Sarah Viebrock, Finance

What differentiates Trane Technologies from other companies you considered working for?

Fiorella Arroyo Calderon

“It excites me to see the company’s sustainability efforts in action. I enjoy working with products that truly make a difference in the world and help accomplish the goals of The Gigaton Challenge. It makes me feel fulfilled—like I am helping make this planet a better place.”

-   Fiorella Arroyo Calderon, Engineering

Diana Marquez

“I found Trane Technologies at an information session, and I gravitated towards their values and mission statement. I admired the number of women in leadership roles and how the company is built upon sustainability—for the environment, communities, and customers. They are truly invested in global impact.”

-   Diana Marquez, Human Resources

As a marketing and sustainable business major, I chose Trane Technologies because I saw this internship as the perfect intersection of my interests. I thoroughly enjoyed marketing for a company that does good for its people while also caring for the environment.

Abby Ericson, Marketing
Abby Ericson

How have your teammates inspired you?

Kyron Richards

“As a mechanical engineering student, I thought I would be stuck working in consulting or manufacturing, but this experience taught me the many ways in which I can apply my skills. I never knew about technical sales, but after seeing what my managers and colleagues do firsthand, I realized that this field compliments my personality and drive.”

-   Kyron Richards, Technical Sales

Dwight Jones

“My colleagues at Thermo King are very detail-oriented and thorough. One of the responsibilities of being an industry leader is actually creating impactful products, so it’s nice to work alongside people who have that similar mindset of ‘let’s get after it and be the best.’”

-   Dwight Jones, Engineering

How has your internship experience allowed you to develop as a young professional?

Devarshi Mehta

“I have found that listening to other people’s thoughts and ideas is the best thing you can do. Even when working with other interns in my field, we often have different solutions to a problem. Sharing with one another has taught me about the benefits of diversity in the workplace.”

-   Devarshi Mehta, Data Analytics

Karina Glazier

“This summer, I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail-- but fail fast and learn from it. Sometimes you must do something the wrong way in order to grow. My experiences at Trane Technologies have taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as I’m trying my best.”

-   Karina Glazier, Human Resources

Amanda Capacchione

“I used to be introverted when speaking with new people, but now I feel much more comfortable. My manager had me meet with regional leaders in the company, ask them questions, and figure out how my role interacts with theirs. I soon realized that it wasn’t so bad, and my professional development and confidence has benefitted by having these conversations with others.”

-   Amanda Capacchione, Contracting Project Management

Any last thoughts?

Kelsey Wescott

“As I start my career in the next few years, I want to work for a company I love alongside people with similar passions. My experiences at Trane Technologies have set the bar incredibly high for when I enter the workforce in the future.”

-   Kelsey Wescott, Marketing


Our internship program provides an ideal opportunity to gain the skills and exposure that can lead to a rewarding career with Trane Technologies. So, we asked the interns one final question, “Would you like to work for Trane Technologies in the future?” and received a unanimous response: “Absolutely.”

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