Dalton Fite

Technical Sales Intern Dalton Fite Elevates the Summer Experience

Learn more about early career opportunities during an interview with Dalton Fite on how his technical sales internships at Trane Technologies have helped him grow.

Trane Technologies invests in its early talent. Meet Dalton Fite and see how he utilizes his experience to improve his skills as a technical sales intern and lead others with authenticity.

Dalton Fite is a fifth-year mechanical engineering student at NC State with a passion for leading others.

He joined Trane Technologies as a technical sales intern in a Trane Commercial Sales Office. Dalton works on projects for both the Service and Systems & New Equipment teams.

Finding a fulfilling path

Within three weeks of working in a mechanical engineering co-op at another company, Dalton quickly realized he needed to switch gears and apply his skills in a more fulfilling way; this led him to technical sales.

He was first introduced to Trane Technologies at a corporate diversity event and later ran into a training manager at a technical sales competition. He was impressed with the company’s mission and its employees, so Dalton applied for an internship, excited to explore a new career path. He was selected to begin working for Trane Commercial in May of 2020. After a successful first summer, Dalton eagerly wanted to return for a second time in 2021. “I came back because of the meaningful relationships I made with my peers and the opportunity to develop myself into the future leader I strive to be.”

Prior to his first internship, Dalton co-founded the Society of Sales Engineers at NC State. He currently serves as a university ambassador for the National Society of Sales Engineers as well. This strong network allows him to assist training managers with strategic recruitment and establish talent pipelines within different universities throughout the school year.

Culture matters

He describes Trane Technologies as company that cultivates “a winning culture through innovation and relationships.” During his interviews, Dalton could tell that he would be surrounded by other ambitious individuals like himself. “Trane Technologies consistently pushes and celebrates its wins, always driving business value. That struck home with me.”

Dalton attributes much of what he has learned to other employees’ inclusivity and welcoming demeanors. “I appreciate the emphasis on authenticity and genuineness. I learned very early on that there is no reason to pretend you know something when you don’t. I also realized the importance of being myself in an interview because that is the person who I am bringing to work every day.”

Throughout both of his technical sales internships, Dalton remains impressed by a universal willingness to help. “Everyone here really wants me to succeed. I have asked things like ‘What does this acronym mean?’ and ‘Why are we implementing this strategy with these clients but not others?’ without feeling embarrassed.”

Especially in sales, where time is money, Dalton is grateful for his team’s emphasis on learning and development. His training manager, Nellie Crawford, mentions, “Dalton has quickly become a huge asset to our region. He is proactive about solving business challenges, knowledgeable about the industry, and passionate about everything that he works on.”

Every day, I am able to drive my own projects and shape my own learning opportunities. It’s nice that no one looks over my shoulder all the time, but everyone is quick to help when I need it.

Dalton Fite, Technical Sales Intern, Trane Commercial

A sense of responsibility and passion to mentor

Dalton spends a mix of days working from home, in the office, or visiting clients at job sites. “My favorite part of a day in the office is the one-off conversations and ‘water cooler chats.’ I love speaking with people organically, and I thrive with that type of conversation. Getting out of my house also offers a nice change of scenery, and this new flexibility feels more representative of what work will be like in the future,” he adds.

Even as an intern, Dalton feels a strong sense of responsibility when walking into the office. He credits his personal and professional growth to the trust that his manager and colleagues place in him. “Every day, I am able to drive my own projects and shape my own learning opportunities. It’s nice that no one looks over my shoulder all the time, but everyone is quick to help when I need it,” he says.

As a returner, he shares, “Being a second-year technical sales intern is extremely rewarding. I remember what it was like being new, and it is incredibly humbling to be asked for advice. I frequently check in with new interns, and I love hearing about their projects and successes.”

Dalton uses his independence, drive, and work ethic to hone his leadership abilities and explore the best ways to guide others. He remains unapologetically himself and emphasizes his commitment to that: “I practice what I preach and find ways to cater to multiple people and their work styles.”

Technical sales intern to team leader

To other interns, Dalton offers great insights. “Working for Trane Technologies has taught me not to sweat the small stuff all the time. There’s no need to spend ten minutes stressing about a subject line—this is not that kind of company. Especially in our generation, we are constantly surrounded by overthinkers.” He instead reiterates his colleagues’ commitment to growth and willingness to create a welcoming environment.

“I love selling, but I really love helping people be better. It was rewarding to start the Society of Sales Engineers at my school, but it was more uplifting for me to see chapters at other universities succeed because of my mentorship,” he reflects. As a result of these influential experiences, Dalton envisions himself as a future team leader or manager who trains others and motivates them to be successful.    

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