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Why We Boldly Go: Climate Impact Starts on the Homefront

Through Operation Possible, our employee-powered innovation program, everyone can boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world. For Katie Werner, her impact extends to work – and home.

At Trane Technologies, we dare to do things differently by constantly pushing boundaries and embracing innovation that can have a positive impact on our planet – and everyone on it.

Through Operation Possible, our employee-powered innovation program, everyone has the opportunity to boldly challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world. For Katie Werner, a Trane Technologies’ solution team leader for Thermo King, creating positive change starts at home, but doesn’t end there. Her passion for tackling food waste and hunger is infectious and influences how she leads her team at work, and how she has engaged in Operation Possible to explore exciting new ways to protect the world’s food supply.

Why We Boldly Go - Climate Impact Starts at Home

So, in our family we do a few things to reduce waste and I think a huge tool for us has been  growing our own garden. So, the kids have helped me plant the seeds, right they've helped me water  and grow and by the time you pick that tomato everybody’s like oh my gosh this tomato is  amazing we grew it, we have so much energy in it. 

And there's another thing we've done is literally  map our food where does it come from? And just that awareness it puts a whole different view  on the food and picking the right amount of food to eat. So, when we do have food waste then we  think it's important too to take the next step of composting that waste. If we look at the process,  the food chain first you grow the grain, then you feed an animal, then you take that animal for  it to be processed or you get the milk and then you distribute it to people, and they eat it.  

You think about processed waste that could be eliminated by reducing the steps needed to get  food to people and as you're doing this you can feed more mouths with less resources and  you can have a significant climate impact on top of all of that so it could be really substantial.And what I love about this concept of you know Operation Possible is we're not looking  just at one idea we're looking at all sorts of different ideas for how we could solve this so  I'm so excited about all these different ideas how much of an impact they could have for our globe.

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