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Strong Suppliers are an Important Part of Meeting Sustainability Goals

Trane Technologies recognizes top suppliers with 2021 awards and names Supplier of the Year.

Trane Technologies partners with suppliers around the world to cultivate a sustainable and innovative supply chain that allows us to meet our customers’ needs and achieve our purpose to challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world.

And because we integrate sustainability into the DNA of how we operate, we extend these expectations to our supplier partners. When suppliers do business with us, they agree to make sustainability a priority in their organizations, aligning with our own 2030 Sustainability Commitments.

With these raised expectations, we actively collaborate with suppliers in their endeavors to achieve their sustainability goals around resource conservation, waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, health and safety, diversity and more—a mutual effort that benefits our customers and the environment. This is in addition to adhering to our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which covers important topics such as discrimination, global trade compliance, human rights and more.

Our supplier partners bring a lot to the table for our mutual benefit—their drive to innovate and create value, desire to continuously improve, and constant attention to quality.

Keith Sultana

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Operational Services, Trane Technologies

Keith Sultana

Announcing Trane Technologies’ 2021 Supplier Award Winners

Our supplier partners bring a lot to the table for our mutual benefit—their drive to innovate and create value, desire to continuously improve, and constant attention to quality—in addition to their commitment to sustainability and business results.

Each year, we recognize a select group—out of more than 15,000 suppliers around the globe—with awards in several categories. Here are the 2021 Trane Technologies Supplier Award winners:

Supplier of the Year: Regal Rexnord

The supplier that helps Trane Technologies achieve our purpose—to challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world—through demonstrated operational excellence and living a culture that aligns with our leadership principles.

Sustainability: Merrimak Capital Company

For creating a positive impact on societies around the world through conservation of energy and water, improved safety, reduced waste, assistance to neighbors in times of need and more.

Continuous Improvement: SWEP International

For using operational excellence principles to drive improvement in key performance metrics.

Go the Extra Mile: ServPro of Montgomery County, Tennessee and Ryerson Inc.

Both winners made outstanding efforts to deliver value to Trane Technologies and our customers.

Driving Innovation or Value: M&M Qualtech

For delivering innovative, customer-driven solutions and driving profitable growth.

Supplier Quality: Mueller Die Cut Solutions

For using quality tools and methodologies to drive improvement on key performance metrics.

Logistics Supplier of the Year: Prime Air

For helping Trane Technologies achieve top of industry performance by demonstrating logistical excellence, enabling business growth and living a culture that mirrors our values.

Congratulations to the winners, who weathered the unique challenges of 2021 alongside us. These suppliers went beyond expectations to help us serve customers so we could grow together.